Perfection Youth Kit

Perfection Youth Kit - Best Anti-Aging Products Quartet


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    Perfection Youth Kit Quartet is the collection of four high-impact best anti-aging skincare products  uniquely formulated to reduce signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and stimulate micro circulation, collagen production and skin rejuvination for a visibly pleasing youthful look!

    PureLx’s best anti-aging skincare products are produced with natural botanical ingredients, potent anti-oxidants and clinically proven peptide technology. All elements work synergistically to care for the skin and enhance each others potency to deliver radient younger looking complexion. The Perfection Youth Kit includes the best skincare products tha accelerates disappearance of dark circles and puffiness, erase wrinkles and fine lines, stimulate production of collegen, hydrate and mostirize the skin and create a protective barrier to shield your skin from daily environmental damage.

    • Begin by exfoliating your skin with the Cleanser Micro-Dermabrasion Scrub.  The powerful yet gentle exfoliator is loaded with medical grade Aluminum Oxide Crystals mixed with Hyaluronic Acid, Red Tea Extract and Seaweed Extract. It scours away dead skin, washes away dirt, helps balance your skin's delicate PH and delivers nourishing anti-oxidants and minirals for maximum hydration and vibrant new skin.
    • Next apply HydroRx Bio Placenta Serum. This extraordinary cutting-Edge serum, is formulated with the latest advancements in biochemistry and combines biomimetic peptides, neuropeptides and oligo elements to combat all aspects of visible aging! 
    • Then apply the DermaSpotRx.  It's  the unparalleled and innovative dark spot/age spot corrector and pigmentation treatment gel that combines organic, naturally occurring, safe compound 4-Hexylresorcinol with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Jojoba Seed Oil, Hyaluronic and Squalane Acids.  It is clinically proven to be four times more effective in lightening skin and erasing dark spots than Hydroquinone. This highly effective, powerful yet gentle and safe formula helps lighten and brighten skin, reversing age spots, acne scars and dark spots restoring skin to a more youthful look and feel.  
    • Now you are ready to apply the revolutionary Perfection Anti-Aging Cream. The unique complex of age-defying 6 peptides and botanical nutrients such as Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C deeply penetrates the skin layers helping to reverse the effects of age, pollution and sun exposure; stimulates youth based cell activity; and builds up protective barrier. With consistent use, you will see your skin take on a more youthful glow and smoothness and complexion.


    Perfection Youth Kit Includes:

    PureLx Cleanser Micro-Dermabrasion Scrub (1.7 Oz)
    PureLx HydroRx Bio Placenta Serum (1 Fl Oz)
    PureLx DermaSpotRx Spot Eraser (1 Fl Oz)
    PureLx Perfection Anti-Aging Cream (1 Fl Oz)


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